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I’m a collector of books.  When I left the Peace Corps I wanted to become a Librarian.  I love books, cookbooks, self-help books, Peace Corps books, just to name a few.  Even digital books are ‘OK’ but the experience is not the same.  Quite a few Peace Corps Memoirs are available in digital format at very reasonable prices.

Books on writing are great because nearly all of them provide an ‘Appendice of Recommended Reading’.  Now my “to read list” is so long; I couldn’t possible live long enough to read them all.

If you have not read books by Peace Corps Volunteers and books about Peace Corps and the Peace Corps experience; you will find that there are thousands and in every genre.  The absolute best place to find Peace Corps literature is Peace Corps Worldwide.   Back in 1990’s I discovered this wonderful little quarterly magazine called, “Peace Corps Writers and Readers.”  It was published by Marian Biel (RPCV Ethiopia 62-64) with lists of books by RPCV’s and book reviews by John Coyne (RPCV Ethiopia 62-64).  I discovered it several years after it started in 1989.  I immediately subscribed and ordered some back issues.    Later it became Peace Corps Writers and was available on the Internet.  Then in 2009 Marian Biel and John Coyne started Peace Corps Worldwide.  Sure you can Google ‘Peace Corps books’ and yes, you can search Amazon for ‘Peace Corps Memoirs’ but they really can’t beat Peace Corps Worldwide.  In fact, some of the Amazon book reviews are from reviews written by Coyne and other RPCV writers.


About Donna Strobridge Ianni

RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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