Books by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

You would think it would be simple to make a list of books by RPCV’s. Actually there are many lists already out there. So my list will be books that I most want to read.   First I would like to read most of the Peace Corps Experience literature available but right now; I most want to read a memoir by an RPCV who serviced in the Philippines in the late 60’s. I’ve searched high and low and this is what I’ve found:

One Grain of Sand: A Peace Corps/Philippines Experience by Steve M. Shaffer(1978-PI). Gasat Co., 1988.  This book seems to be out-of-print. I found two copies available at $14.00.

The Peace Corps Experience: Challenge and Change 1969-76 by P. David Searles. University Press of Kentucky, 1997.  Amazon Price: $40.00.  Mr. Searles was Peace Crops Philippines Country Director for 3 years, Peace Corps Washington Regional Director for 2 years and Peace Corps Deputy Director.

A Wedding in Samar: A Memoir of an Early Peace Corps Experience, Philippines 61-63 by John F. Halloran and John Durand (1962-64 Philippines). Puzzlebox Press, 1999. This book was published posthumously by a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer John Durand. Amazon Kindle edition 4.99. There is a great review of this book on Peace Corps Worldwide.  I have read this book, I downloaded the Kindle edition. The pictures didn’t render very well on my android phone but perhaps on a larger reader they would appear larger. The story is pure Philippines and in spots it seemed a little repetitive but then that’s how live was and is. I totally enjoyed being back in the Philippines if only while I was reading.

Later Maybe: A Taste of the Tropics by Beryl Gutnick (Philippines 1989-90). Lot’s Wife Publishing, 2000. $14.00. Review on Peace Corps Writers.

From Peace Corps with Love by Judythe Patberg (Philippines 1970-72). Llumina Press, 2006. Amazon has a pretty good ”Book Description” for this title although they list only one used copy for $169.99.

Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines by Parker W. Borg, Maureen J. Carroll, Patricia MacDermot Kasdan and Stephen W. Wells (All Philippines, 1961-63). Peace Corps Writers, 2011. Amazon $25.00. I am currently reading this book. It contains essays from RPCV’s in group I, II and II. Also a few from Staff and Filipinos.  Read a talk with the authors by Marian Haley Beil on Peace Corps Worldwide.

Ask What You Can Do by James C. Stewart (Philippines 1962-64). CreateSpace, 2011. Amazon $24.95 available in Kindle edition $9.99. Reviewed by Maureen Carroll (PI 61-63) on Peace Corps Worldwide.

Through the Eyes of My Children: The Adventure of a Peace Corps Volunteer Family by Frances L. Stone (Philippines 1971-73). Peace Corps Writers, 2012. This book is for middle school readers and up. Once again, you will find a splendid review on Peace Corps Worldwide.

You will note that none of the above take place in the late 1960’s.  Perhaps one day my book will be the one.  In the meantime I’ll have plenty to read.


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RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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