Bookshelves and Books

I have been moving books, rather than reading or writing.

Yes I have too many books.  I had two large black bookcases in the room we call the library; because it had two large black bookcases full of books.  These are the type that you put together yourself and I have had them for years.  The shelves weren’t sagging and I had them loaded with very heavy cookbooks, landscaping/gardening books, diet/nutrition books and a few history books.

One day last week my cat, Twisty and I were having our reading time when I noticed something was off.  There seemed to be a lean in one of the bookcases.  I got up to look at it straight-on and in fact it looked like the “leaning tower of Pisa.”  Upon checking the other case I noticed that it was also leaning slightly.  This case was being held by the woodwork around the nearby door.  This was bad as were the large black skid marks on the nicely painted wall.

So I now have books stacked on all available surfaces in the library, on the kitchen island, and the dining room table.  Of course, there are also books in my bedroom/office.  My writing books, Peace Corps books, memoirs and books I want to read.  I decided to use those short bookcases in the library as they would match another one already there.  So now I have books all over the floor in my bedroom/office.

Not to worry though, I have already ordered and received two new free standing short bookcases. I had to replace some of the shelves lost; otherwise I would need to weed my books.  Heaven forbid that I should weed my books!  The new cases came this week and both my wrists are sore from using the hex thing provided to put them together.  They will replace the two in my bedroom that are now in the library.

So I am ready to organize and shelve my books.  There is only one problem; while taking the second large black bookcase out to the garage I fell and sprained my ankle.  Actually the bookcase attacked me and landed on my ankle causing me to fall. Today was spent with a visit to my Doctor followed by a trip to the hospital to have an X-ray taken of the painful ankle/foot.  Good news it’s not broken. Bad news, tomorrow I will need to buy an ankle brace as recommended by my Doctor.  Then hopefully I will have less pain and be able to shelve my books.  I may still find it necessary to weed, just a little….maybe.



About Donna Strobridge Ianni

RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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