Reading and Writing

Have you visited your local library lately?  I love to buy books but sometimes it is simply not the most practical way to get your books.  While searching for my preferred reading list of books written by Peace Corps volunteers who served in the Philippines, I discovered that several of the books where not readily available for various reasons.  So I made a list and gave it to the librarian at my local public library.  Note:  I volunteer there; so I am there often.  She proceeded to work her magic and I have been happily reading.  I just finished One Grain of Sand: a Peace Corps/Philippines Experience by Steve M Shaffer. Review to follow.  Next read, From Peace Corps with Love:  Letters from a Peace Corps Volunteer: 1970-1972 by Judythe Pearson Patberg.

I’ve also recently been writing letters to the editor of my local paper.  I just felt that I had to speak to a local issue.  I won’t go into it here but let’s just say that this is the reason I have neglected my blog.

I’m still writing.  Actually while going through boxes in my basement I found a small stash of seven letters that I had send home during my time in Peace Corps as well as a small ledger of expenses incurred on my way home.  I have been working to interject the contents of these letters into my existing first draft.  All my letters home have served as valuable reminders and prompts for my writing so I write on.


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RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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