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South of the Frontera: A Peace Corps Memoir by Lawrence F. Lihosit, iUniverse 2010

Mr. Lihosit’s served in the Peace Corps in Honduras, yet the first half of his book recounts his adventures in Mexico prior to his Peace Corps Service.  This section is a good base from which to understand the author and who he came to join the Peace Corps.  Although interesting I found myself wishing we could get to the Peace Corps part of the memoir.

The author’s voice is clear, consistent and unmistakably masculine. Lihosit provides vivid descriptions of places and people.   The portrait of Margaritas mother is unique and memorable.

The book chapters seem random and often take place in the middle of a scene.  This made it necessary for me, to reread small sections each time I returned to the book.  There were places where I found myself a bit lost and trying to figure out where the story was taking me.

On the whole this was an interesting memoir.  Both the Mexican and Honduran parts where well linked through Lihosit’s wonderful continuous relationship with Margarita and her family.  As with most Peace Corps memoirs there are bugs and worms, sickness and hardships, and a good dose of humor.


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RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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  1. Lawrence F. Lihosit says:

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and comment upon my book.

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