Book Review

Writing Alchemy:  How to Write Fast and Deep, Memoir Edition, by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett,  Knowledge Access Pubishing, 2012.

When I first started writing the first thing I did was search the internet for sites about memoir writing.  The first site I found was Woman’s Memoir, a blog about writing memoirs and much more.  A few months ago they offered Writing Alchemy and I decided to give it a try.

After reading the first chapter I was able to ‘deconstruct’ the first chapter of my memoir.  I  creating stronger characters, added more emotions and even added dialogue.  I then rewrote my first chapter and the difference was amazing.

Essentially this book gives you tools to write as they say ‘fast and deep’.  As writers we know most of the rules: forming characters, using the senses, using dialogue and show don’t tell.  What this book gives you is a formula for incorporating these and more into your writing.

Matilda and Kendra go in-depth into character building and emotions.  Which I personally found less useful for my needs; yet I believe others might find these sections very enlightening and useful.  The ladies also provide free on-line videos to those who purchase the book, as well as Workshops that may be purchased.

This book is not your usual book on writing.  Go ahead and read, Writing Well and Your Life as Story then get Writing Alchemy and as they say, ‘start writing.’


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