More Reading than Writing: A long cold winter.

Sorry about my long winter absence.  I suspended all writing while going through several health issues.  Reading has been continuing throughout this time and I have enjoyed many fine reads.  I have also succeeded in getting my name on a book.  Note: I didn’t say published.*

The Wonders of a Kindle!  As I’ve stated before I didn’t think I needed or wanted a Kindle reader; as I volunteer at a library and thus have an abundance of books available to me.  However no one had ever mentioned ‘Amazon Prime’.  With ‘Prime’ I can borrow one kindle book a month, free.  I can purchase kindle books for less, I can watch movies, some free (when I can make streaming, stream), and free 2nd day shipping on Amazon orders (usually three days where I live).  Now to you city folks this may not seem very special, in fact it may seem expensive as ‘Prime’ has a price but just borrow eight, $9.00 books and that’s covered.  Not to mention fast, free shipping of practically anything and everything you need.  Obviously, I don’t have a Barnes and Noble or any other store just around the corner.

Some of the books I’ve read this winter:


Off the Beaten Path by Dennis Ogden

Steve’s Adventures with the Peace Corps by Steve Hunsicker

Off the Leash by Jean Ellen Whatley.

Sweet Teeth and Loose Bowels by Michael S. Gerber

I Never Intended to Be Brave by Heather Andersen

Running in Flip-Flops by Abigail Fay

Away from Home by Lillian Carter

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Exploring Historic Hilo by Leslie Lang

The Springs of Namje by Rajeeve Goyal

America the Beautiful by Ben Carson, M.D.

Moving to Hawaii…by Michele Meyer

How to Cook a Crocodile by Bonnie Lee Black*

“Hey Joe” Poems and Stories from the Peace Corps by Robert F. Nicholas*


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

*More in next post


About Donna Strobridge Ianni

RPCV Philippines '67-'69
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